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In the past we’ve worked on projects and with clients of all shapes and sizes—big and small, German and international, for-profit and non-profit. Every once in a while a project comes along that feels different, because it has a subject matter you find interesting, you can get behind the client’s mission or you simply connect to it on a deeper level. Whatever it is: These are the projects where you grow and deliver your best work. With Village One we want to do more of those projects, as well as being very up-front about our red lines.

Posted on Aug 06, 2022; updated on Oct 10, 2022


We definitely want to hear from you if your project falls into the following fields / industries / subject matters:

  • Journalism and publishing, books and magazines
  • Culture and arts (music, museums, theaters, …)
  • Democratic governments, democracy tech
  • Progressive politics, NGOs
  • Climate activism and technology
  • Public transport and public infrastructure
  • Universities, schools and education in general
  • Vegan and organic food, regenerative agriculture
  • Cooperatives, solidarity economy, citizen initiatives
  • Green energy, green banking, slow fashion
  • Independent type foundries and design studios

Got something to team up on? Let us know!


We respectfully decline if your project revolves around the following:

  • Everything related to fossil fuels
  • Cars and car-centric infrastructure
  • Industrial meat and dairy
  • Tobacco, alcohol
  • Traditional banking, blockchain and crypto products
  • Guns and weapons manufacturing
  • Surveillance tech
  • Gambling and betting
  • Fast fashion
  • Gig economy, startup hustle culture

Both of these lists are incomplete and will be adapted over time.

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