006: Look ma, no bosses!

Posted by Harry Keller on Nov 04, 2022

Hello fellow workers,
as you’re probably aware we founded Village One as a cooperative—I’m afraid we really couldn’t shut up about this part. 🤭 Being a co-op is also by far the aspect we get the most questions about and so we decided to finally provide some context, in the form of three new garden pages:

  1. Getting started: What the heck is a cooperative?
  2. Going deeper: Why we founded v01 as a co-op
  3. Branching out: Resources about cooperatives (articles, books, podcasts, …)

The second page sheds light on many of the conceptual thoughts behind v01 and why we wanted this organization to exist in the first place. Read as much or as little as you like and let us know what you think!

Fun anecdote: Just yesterday we had a call with a former colleague who currently enjoys the freedom of being a freelancer, which in turn prompted us to reflect on what it’s like being an employee at v01. Our conclusion was that we’re really getting the best of both worlds: the autonomy and freedom of being your own boss, combined with the sense of community, structure, support and job security of full employment.

If all this sounds too good to be true … we will publish our first job posting soon and it doesn’t cut any corners: Fully remote, four day work week, async communication, worldwide employment, flexible working time, democratic workplace, 6+ weeks of PTO, transparent salaries and (since we’re a co-op) no bosses! Keep your eyes peeled—as a subscriber of this newsletter you’ll be the first to hear about it! If you aren’t subscribed yet: Just scroll down a bit!

Talk soon and wishing you a calm weekend,
Harry and the other villagers

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