017: Anniversary One

Hello friends, time flies, and we can hardly believe it, but Village One is about to turn one year old! 🥳

Posted on Jun 13, 2023

To celebrate, we’ve reserved a beer garden in Berlin on Friday, June 30th, for ~70 people, and we’d be delighted if you joined us for food, drinks and chats! We have a few open slots left, so if you’re in Berlin on that Friday afternoon/evening/night: Send us an email and we’ll tell you where to find us!

Fun fact: July 1st not only marks our birthday, but also the 101th celebration of the International Day of Cooperatives. We’re proud to have been part of 1% of that journey!

We hope to raise a glass with you!
Christoph, Doro, Fei, Sev and Harry

Stronger together: Come along for the ride!

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