018: The next democratic paradigm

Hello fellow villagers! We know it’s Friday and you’re hopefully already off enjoying a beautiful early-summer weekend, but we wanted to quickly share some recent work and updates with you.

Posted by Christoph Rauscher on Jun 23, 2023; updated on Jul 06, 2023

We just launched a new website for DemocracyNext!

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve worked closely with DemocracyNext on their new website—here’s what they do in their own words:

DemocracyNext believes in a more just, joyful, and collaborative future, where everyone has meaningful power to shape their societies.

We are an international non-profit, non-partisan research and action institute. Our mission is to shift political and legislative power to people. We advocate for, design, embed, and empower Citizens’ Assemblies as defining institutions of a new paradigm of citizen-led democracy.

Well, we are working towards the same future, with our choices around workplace democracy, so we were delighted when DemNext founder Claudia approached us earlier this year to design and build them a proper website!

Their new site showcases DemNext’s expansive ideas, as well as presenting their whole team, contains detailed project case studies, articles and information on upcoming events, all in multiple languages. Have a look around, there’s lots to see! Our tasks were to transfer the existing site design into a modular design system in Figma, extend it with new components and build it out into the fully responsive website you can visit in your browser today. It’s based on Craft CMS, highly optimized, loads super fast!

Shoutout to Claudia, Ieva and Ansel from DemNext for trusting us with this endeavour and working in close collaboration with us the whole time! The colourful visual identity was done by Studio Yukiko and the wonderful illustrations were created by Adèle Vivet.

After the project is before the project, so we’re already working on the next thing with the DemNext folks. Stay tuned!

What else is happening at the Village?

Next week, we’ll all meet in one place, in person—a rare occasion! Our newest member Sev is coming to Berlin and we’ll spend the week co-working, reflecting and exploring new ideas for Village One. Then, on Friday, we’ll celebrate one year in this journey together: It was in July 2022 when we sat down and signed our coop statutes to formally found our cooperative, making this experiment in workplace democracy a reality. We hope to see you next Friday for the celebration!

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