Why we’re here: Demo­cra­tizing work for eco­nomic justice

Cooperatively owned, democratically governed: Village One is an open-ended experiment on how to run a sustainable business for the common good—we aim to explore new economic paradigms and to empower our members, partners and network.

Everything we do is community-driven: Recognizing that we stand on the shoulders of giants, we value cooperation over competition. We practice radical transparency so that others can learn from our experiences, regardless of success or mishap. We’re stronger together!

Many villages instead of a big city: We are a deliberately small and nimble organization, operating with minimal overhead and maximum character. Instead of perpetual growth our vision is to scale by replication, forming a network of aligned co-ops over time.

Our approach: Up­grading work for the know­­ledge age

We are thinkers and tinkerers: We question established practices and put new ideas to the test. We are a fully distributed team, embracing asynchronous communication and running on a 4-day work week. We are continuously adapting our practices towards a more equitable work environment.

An island of sanity: Creative work needs focus and time to blossom, not fake urgency or hustle culture—therefore we enable deep work through calm workflows, combined with flexibility regarding work times and location, real autonomy and self-organization.

Keeping it non-professional: Exploratory attitude with a beginner’s mindset, humble yet daring, surprising, curious and joyful. We show up with our whole selves, forming one team across organisational boundaries.

Stronger together: Come along for the ride!

The Villager’s Dispatch

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